In this age of the “baby boomers” becoming the mature group more and more are appreciating that age is just a number and looking as good as you feel is important. With the more advanced techniques in facelifts you don’t have to have the “plastic” or pulled look that was the signature of a facelift years ago. In fact, often no one can tell that you have had a facelift, yet you can look up to ten years younger and look younger naturally.

A facelift eliminates sagging skin of the face and neck offering you renewed confidence and, a more youthful appearance. As we mature, our lower face and neck skin naturally loosens and skin folds begin to show. Facelifts aren’t just for women. More men are opting for facial enhancement procedures including facelifts to help restore a more balanced and vibrant facial appearance.

Dr. Thomas Leach, Medical Director at Princeton Center for Plastic Surgery advises that a facelift alone changes the lower sections of your face, but if you desire you can combine it with other surgical procedures, such as a brow lift or eyelid surgery to obtain a complete change all at once.

Jowls and wrinkly skin don’t always disappear even with the best skin care regimens so facelifts are not just for mature women. Young women get facelifts too and many get neck lifts or brow lifts.


A traditional facelift requires skin incisions and repositioning of the fat and skin to lift the skin and remove the folds. The small incisions are generally around the ear and in the scalp. Most often some excess skin needs to be trimmed and deeper layers of the face and the muscles are also lifted. Sometimes a small incision will be made under the chin as well to remove excess skin and fat in the neck. All of these incisions will heal without any visible scar tissue because they are concealed in the natural hairline and other skin folds.

There are a couple of variations to a traditional facelift – a limited incision or a neck lift alone. Also, there are many types of facial enhancement procedures that are surgical and non-surgical. Your facelift procedures will depend entirely on your aesthetic goals and your desired results. Dr. Leach can assist you in recommending the best procedure or procedures for you. He is well trained and experienced in all plastic surgery procedures.


Dr. Leach performs a traditional facelift under general anesthesia in an accredited outpatient surgical center. As with any surgery, you must have someone take you home and look after you for a few days. Our office will give you detailed post-operative instructions.

When you leave surgery, you can expect to have some bandages or other coverings to help minimize swelling and protect against infections. Swelling and bruising are normal for about a week and you should plan to take oral antibiotics while you rest and recover. You might also have a tube for a day or so that helps drain excess fluid.

It’s easy to get discouraged, but the bruising will subside and you will be thrilled with your new appearance.

If you have been wondering if a facial enhancement can help you to look as young as you feel, we recommend you contact our office today to schedule a personalized appointment with Dr. Leach. He can confirm if you are a candidate for a facelift procedure.

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