Dr. Leach and Staff,

Thank you so much for the gift of cookies you sent to my home. My whole family enjoyed them.

I also appreciate your care, concern and professionalism during my surgery. It was a very positive experience. I can already see the difference in my waistline! I love it.

Thank you!


Dear Dr. Leach and Associates,

Thank you so much for the delicious cookie tower. It was very thoughtful and a wonderful addition to the great experience I had with my procedure.

Thank you for making me comfortable before, after and during my surgery. I couldn’t have had it any better!



Dear Dr. Leach and Staff,

Finally, I’ve recovered enough to be able to thank you for everything you’ve done for me in the past months.

I appreciate your innovative surgical solutions (even though the last one wasn’t put to the test). But most of all I appreciate your concern for me as a patient; stopping in to see me at Bunn Drive was way “beyond the call” – and so typical of you.

My thanks,


Dear Dr. Leach and Staff,

Wishing you a harvest of happiness this Thanksgiving.



Dear Doctor Leach,

Thank you for taking care of me. I think you’re a great doctor. My parents and me thought you were very nice. I am thrilled with my new ears.

Have a great summer!



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