Thank you Dr. Leach!

Wishing you the warmest Holiday Season with your family and staff.

You have such a warm personality and admirable work ethic. As a patient, I could not be more pleased with you and your staff’s dedication.

Have a super Holiday and enjoy some time off for a few days! You deserve it!


Dear Dr. Leach,

It was exactly two weeks ago today that you performed the skin graft on the ankle ulcer that I had for over 18 months. It is also exactly two weeks since I have had any pain at all in my ankle.

Over the past 20 years, I have had the same recurring problem numerous times. On a few of those occasions, the ulcers healed without surgery. Each time, the experience was horrible and even more painful than the ulcer.
To be honest, I dreaded the day that the surgery was scheduled, even though I had been in constant excruciating pain for 18 months. I tried every possible treatment in an attempt to avoid having to go in for surgery, which I have always considered as the very last resort, to be done only after everything else has failed. It was only after numerous doctors, both in New York and New Jersey confirmed that there was nothing else that could be done, that I agreed to come to you.

Dr. Leach, I am amazed with the results you achieved. From the time I awoke in the recovery room, the pain was gone!!!!! Had I known what you could do for me, I would have come in to see you well over a year ago, instead of suffering for so long.

If this condition ever surfaces again, I will not hesitate coming to see you first!

Thank you for giving me back a quality of life that I have not enjoyed for a long, long time.

Very truly yours,


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