Your Consultation

Your Consultation

At the Princeton Center for Plastic Surgery every patient has a personal and confidential consultation as they investigate the options for plastic or cosmetic surgery. Dr. Thomas Leach feels that it is important that each individual have the opportunity to not only explore the options, but confirm that they are a good candidate for the procedure or enhancement they are considering.

Additionally, Dr. Leach realizes that there are many options to achieve the same or similar results and he wants to be sure that each patient is comfortable in knowing all options.

The decision to have cosmetic treatments is a very personal and important choice. You will ultimately base your decision solely on your own set of established priorities and goals. As an individual, your needs are specific and particular to your situation. Understanding this, we at Princeton Center for Plastic Surgery customize our consultations to your desired need.

Within this process, our Patient Care Coordinator will provide you with information about the procedure(s) and, equally as important, allow you to become familiar with our team and us with you. Dr. Leach will also examine you, learn about your concerns and goals, discuss your particular case, listen, educate and support you in making your decision with an informative process that includes a thorough discussion of available options, while answering any questions you may have.

In addition to discussing your cosmetic procedures in descriptive terms, Dr. Leach will provide examples of other patients’ results to help you visually see possible solutions.

Your consultation will include discussion of your treatment plan, which will entail costs and the financial policies, if it is determined by Dr. Leach that you are a good candidate for the procedure(s).

To discover how the consultation process works and how cosmetic procedures can improve your appearance, confidence, and total outlook on life, please call our office today at 609-921-7161 to schedule your confidential consultation.

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