As the eyes are one of the first features individual’s notice on others, women tend to want to find ways of enhancing them. Now there is a FDA approved medical treatment for eyelash growth. Dr. Thomas Leach medical director of Princeton Center for Plastic Surgery has found this treatment to be something he is offering to his patients.
Yes you can now grow your own eyelashes longer, fuller and darker. For years women have used all types of products to achieve longer eyelashes to have more beautiful eyes

Now you can have that affect with your very own eyelashes. This is not magic and does take time but the results have been very positive in clinical trials. Also, FDA would not have approved this product if they did not feel that it would work on most women and men, it they so desire.

Dr. Leach will test you to insure you are not allergic to the ingredients. If you are a good candidate you will then have the solution applied to your upper eyelid close to the base of the eyelashes. This product is not for the lower eyelashes.

If you have desired longer and fuller eyelashes and have spent thousands of dollars over the years Princeton Center for Plastic Surgery now has a possible answer for you.

Call today to set up an appointment with Dr. Leach to see if you are a candidate for more beautiful eyes. Call (609) 921-7161.

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